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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. Since I am not just the represented filmmaker but also the designer of this homepage it feels a bit wrong to write about myself in third person. So let me tell you a bit about me, my work and my way of thinking personally.


My name is Zenon Kristen and I am a filmmaker from Kassel, based in Berlin. My profession is primary the editing and post-production process for various customers as well as directing and producing my own films and videos. I love to work with different artists, writers, directors, producers, choreographers, musicians, actors, and of course other film-editors inside the film business. I am always searching for challenges that will teach me the essence of film making and am looking to create something else. I think the more you know about the different departments the better. So every once in while I work in different positions as camera operator, executive producer, grader, and last but not least, (voice) actor.

Portrait 1_Radarien I_BW.jpg

Photography at Y-Site, Kassel, 2020

As a film-editor I have been lucky enough to work on feature films, shorts, teasers and trailers, web series, dance performances, and commercials for big brands like Magnum or Deichmann, as well as corporate learning videos, web tutorials, showreels and promotion videos. I am well connected as a member of the German film-editing association and now and then I try to share my collected skills as guest lecturer (Film Arche, Berlin) and speaker ( These skills demonstate my expertise in the editing software Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and Photoshop. I also have experience in programs like Avid Media Composer, Da Vinci Resolve or Logic Pro X. These tools are just the basics and I don't think that programs are the most important part in editing something like a movie. In my opinion the feeling and the idea behind the montage is much more important: The speed, the rhythm, the dramaturgy. So I always try to be not just a technician but also an artist who helps to strenghten the emotion of each project I am working on. My mission: To astonish the audience, to scare them, to make them laugh, to make them cry, to make them think about what they have seen.


As a director I have always had the same mission, even when I started making films at the age of 10. I cannot really tell you when it became officially professional. Maybe with the first festival win for our short film „Läufer“ („Bishop“), maybe earlier, probably later. Like all of us I'm still learning, and will always keep learning, and I don't think I will ever be finished. For now and after working with a lot of satisfied partners and after winning several film festivals I can say: I am a professional, award winning filmmaker, who is still and always searching for new, unexpected challenges and untold stories.

About Home Editing

I've worked on projects in Berlin, Bochum, Essen, Düsseldorf and Kassel but there is increasing demand on working independently from home. So let me tell you something more about the place the magic happens: It's perfectly located in Berlin Moabit (a 5 minute walk from Underground Station Turmstraße). The editing room is in the quiet back house with a small garden in front of it and equipped as a creative place for collaborations has to be: Good sound, two big Screens and of course a sofa to sit and enjoy.



Edit Suite


MacBook Pro 16“ Screen, Apple M1 Pro (2021)

hp Z Display 24“ Screen (2x)


BX-5 M-Audio Stereo Sound Speakers

Sure SM7B Vocal Microphone (cardioid I dynamic)

PreSonus AudioBox USB Interface

Akai MPK Mini USB Midi-Keyboard


Sennheiser HD 25-1 closed, dynamic headphones


Canon Pixma MG3650S Scanner/Printer

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4H 4k-Camera



Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Media Encoder, Adobe Photoshop,

Avid Media Composer, 'Da Vinci Resolve (free version), Logic Pro X

Editing Room Pano 3 - BW.jpg
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